Recent Before & After Photos

When it Rains it Pours

This is a two story home, that experienced a water loss to their home when San Antonio received a day of heavy rainfall. The clients returned home to a water da... READ MORE

Garbage Disposal Leak

When it comes to water damage we have seen it all! From storms, toilet overflows and bad supply lines, the list goes on and on. This client called SERVPRO ... READ MORE

Stoneridge Home Water Leak

This client called SERVPRO of North Central San Antonio when they came home from vacation to find that their toilet supply line caused water to flood throughout... READ MORE

Water introduces Mold at Woodlands Home

Mold damage struck this Woodlands home due to a water leak from the kitchen sink supply line. The water leak along with the darkness of the affected areas creat... READ MORE

Attic Mold - San Antonio

WHAT CAUSES ATTIC MOLD?Attic mold is not uncommon especially if the attic has had moisture issues and/or limited attic ventilation, insufficient insulation, imp... READ MORE

House Fire - Castle Hills

Our homes today are filled with electronics and appliances that make our lives easier and provide us with entertainment. DVD players, big screen TVs, video game... READ MORE

Fire Restoration in North Central San Antonio

This client called SERVPRO of North Central after she had a small kitchen fire. The smoke quickly spread through her home leaving a bad odor and soot everywhere... READ MORE

Residential Water Loss - Toilet Tank

This flooded home in San Antonio, Texas was the result of a toilet tank that ran all night. The homeowners went to bed and woke up to water throughout the entir... READ MORE

House Fire in South Town

This home located in South Town San Antonio experienced a terrible house Fire. The homeowner was distraught and felt like her house would never come back t... READ MORE

Mold Remediation - North Central San Antonio

This Laundry Room in San Antonio, TX was affected by water and suspected mold damage. In the first photograph, the drywall was completely sa... READ MORE