Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Remediation - North Central San Antonio

This Laundry Room in San Antonio, TX was affected by water and suspected mold damage. In the first photograph, the drywall was completely sa... READ MORE

Mold - Castle Hills

This bedroom in San Antonio, TX was the result of water damage that went untreated long enough for suspected mold growth to set in.  In the first... READ MORE

HVAC Leak in Castle Hills Home

Nobody wants to deal with leaky pipes or leaks from water heaters and AC Units. This was the after math of an HVAC unit that was located in the upstairs attic. ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation - San Antonio

This storage closet in San Antonio, TX was the result of toilet overflow that went unnoticed for almost a week.  In the first photograph, th... READ MORE

Commercial Storm Damage

Even if your business has a regular janitorial staff, most are not prepared for when disaster happens. The staff is usually trained in maintenance and daily cle... READ MORE

Highly Trained Restoration Specialist in SA

This local Company in San Antonio flooded due to a sewage backup. SERVPRO of North Central San Antonio arrived to help! We extracted the sewage, cleaned using h... READ MORE

Texas Storm Damage

A roof leak is a definite common denominator for some of our storm damage jobs. The roof leak damage affected ceiling, causing water to travel down into the Din... READ MORE

Storm Waters Enter North Central Home

A Home in Terrill Hills had a water damage in the kitchen area after a rain storm came through Texas. The storm caused a pipe to burst behind the cabinets. Dama... READ MORE

Storm Damage Victoria, Texas

SERPVRO of North Central San Antonio traveled to help victims of Hurricane Harvey in Victoria, Texas.  Hurricane Harvey caused water damage to this local C... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Causes Smoke Damage

This Terrill Hills home was damaged badly after a frying pan was left unattended for just a minute. The fire quickly spread soot and smoke throughout the room. ... READ MORE