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Why Ignoring the Signs of Mold Damage is Dangerous

2/8/2018 (Permalink)

Got Mold?

A little mildew here and there seems perfectly normal in any home or commercial locations, but a little mildew here and there is often a sign of much larger issues. While a little mildew might simply mean a bathroom needs nothing more than a good cleansing, the presence of mildew is a strong indicator there might be mold damage somewhere in your home or office. Commercial mold damage and mold in the home are both serious problems you simply cannot afford to ignore. It’s dangerous to allow mold damage to continue without professional remediation and mitigation. If you suspect you have some fungus growing in the house, it’s time to call for professional mold removal and remediation.

Ignoring Mold Damage is Risky

Perhaps you don’t consider mold in the home or commercial mold damage much of an issue when it’s in small increments, but this is where the danger comes into play. Mold in the home can cause many additional issues with your family and your structure when it’s left untreated, and the same goes for commercial mold damage. Mold is a fungus, and this is a fungus that grows quickly. This particular type of fungus needs only humidity higher than 40% as well as a little moisture to grow rapidly and spread quickly. This kind of mold in the home or commercial mold damage means air quality changes rapidly, and it means you have bigger problems to deal with.

Mold damage not professionally treated usually comes right back. Professional remediation requires the use of specialized tools and equipment designed to allow professional mold removal services to do their job adequately. When you have this type of mitigation occur, chances of mold coming back into the home or business are much slimmer than when you attempt this on your own. It’s costly to forgo professional remediation, because you’ll end up needing mitigation regardless no matter what you try on your own.

Don’t Ignore the Signs

Mildew is one potential sign of mold damage, but it’s certainly not the only sign. A smelly odor anywhere in the house could be a sign. This smelly odor might come across as slightly damp, and it’s a smelly odor with an old house smell to it. When you begin recognizing a smelly odor such as this, don’t assume deodorization is the answer. While deodorization is a temporary fix to a smelly odor, it doesn’t kill mold or prevent it from growing rapidly.

Since mold needs less than 48 hours to spread throughout your home or office, deodorization is only recommended to remedy a smell. Professional mitigation is the way to get rid of mold, though you can use deodorization for your own sanity.

When mold occurs in a home or office, there might be many signs. One sign it could grow quickly is the humidity level. The goal is to keep the humidity in your home or office at or below 40 percent. This is ideal for keeping mold at bay. Any higher than this and it has the potential for rapid growth. Even a small leak can cause mold to grow quickly. Since not all leaks are found easily, it’s helpful to keep an eye on the smelly odors you notice, and it’s helpful to keep the house or office as unfriendly for mold as possible. Mold removal is necessary when you find even the smallest amount.

Professional mold removal is designed to help rid your home and/or office of mold, and it’s necessary. The biggest problem for many is the idea they can do it themselves and save a little money, but it’s less expensive to pay for professional services right away and handle the problem effectively than it is to pour money into fixes that don’t work in the long run. Mold is dangerous on many levels, and getting rid of it the right way is necessary. 

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